Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 [VIDEO]

Yes, its true an all new Windows 8 exists. Microsoft has changed the entire User Interface and it now looks something like Windows Phone 7 on a large screen. The home screen shows block of tiles with pre-installed with apps for weather and business, it can be modified to add other Windows 8 apps. Switching from application to application is a breeze. With a swipe of the finger on the right screen[if you're on a touchscreen device] or a click of the mouse, you can move to the... Read More

Google Launches +1 Button for Websites

Google has created a button for its +1 service for search results. The button first showed up in Google search in March so users could share search results they liked with friends, connected to them through any of Google’s services. This button is definitely going to compete with other share buttons across the web: Facebook’s ‘Like’ and recently the LinkedIn and Tumblr buttons. Google is hoping people are more likely to click things their friends have... Read More

Call Of Duty Engages Elites

Activision has been extremely hard at work through out 2011 for you hardcore Call of Duty players. They are getting ready to release the latest addition to the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; and if you thought they were going to take a break after the release, you thought wrong. The new Activision studio, Beachhead, are currently developing Call of Duty: Elite. Relax it’s not a game, it’s a service for “deep” Call Of Duty players which will initially... Read More

Apple’s Highly Anticipated ‘iCloud’ To Be Announced June 6th

A new cloud is in the air! No, it is not a cummulo nimbus, it’s Apple’s addition to cloud computing that has becoming seemingly popular in the digital world. Apple announced in a press release that Steve Jobs will be hosting the opening keynote of the 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) holding on Monday, June 6th. There it is expected that he will focus on the iCloud, iOS 5, and Mac OS X Lion set to come soon. Apple just gained control of the Read More

Twitter Launches Photo-Sharing Service And Other New Features

Starting today, Twitter will roll out a completely new version of Twitter search. When you search for anything or click a trending topic, Twitter will show you related photos and videos in the sidebar of the results page. Also for users of Firefox with Twitter, all you have to do is type a hashtag or a username into the address bar to go to the search results page. YouTube videos can be watched on the page and the pictures can be enlarged. Twitter confirmed in a blog post that... Read More

iWork: Now Available For iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple announced that iWork, their set of productivity apps are now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Keynote, Numbers and Pages, make up the bundle, and they have been “completely redesigned for iOS and the Multi-Touch interface”. I haven’t been lucky enough to get a first hand experience with the apps but from the screenshots on the site, they look good. The apps allow you to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets on the go which... Read More

Is The Playstation Network Officially back?

Hurray!!! Our beloved PSN is back people. Yes “our”, okay I don’t play  video games but I would if one of our kind readers offers to *cough*  buy me a TV,  generously followed by a PS3. I’ll gladly buy my own games, thanks in advance. Back to business, so “Playstation Store” is trending on Twitter tonight, as many PSN users are extremely glad to splurge on games and battle against anonymous opponents. I guess Sony will be fulfilling their promise of a full restoration... Read More