How American Cities Are Viewed On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

If Americans were allowed to rename their cities based on nicknames on twitter, what will they choose. InboxQ has gone through location-tagged tweets to bring us humorous names Americans give their cities. InboxQ – Answer Questions on Twitter  Read More

Google Doodles: Father’s Day Edition

Google has a Doodle again. This time it’s for Father’s Day, to honor all the father’s out there. Today is Father’s Day in most parts of the world including Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. It looks like a cut-out from a greeting card if you’ll notice and it’s similar to the one they put up for Mother’s Day. Sweet. So, to our readers who are fathers, we say Happy Father’s Day. If you aren’t a father... Read More

RIM Going Down: The Beginning of the End

  Today, Research in Motion (RIM), the creators of the iconic Blackberry line of mobile phones has suffered its lowest share price in the last 5 years. As if that wasn’t bad enough, one of RIM’s biggest shareholders, Jarislowsky Fraser Ltd., has sold off about half of its stake in the company, saying that they are on their way out. Add this to the fact that RIM’s first quarter earnings are way below expectation and that their third quarter expectations... Read More