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LG recently released some videos showing its newly developed 18″ rollable OLED screens and  18″ transparent OLED screens. The flexible OLED screen can roll up to a radius of about 3 cm and the transparent OLED screen has a transmittance of about 30% which gives a clearer viewing experience compared to LCD screens. With the funding of the Korean government, LG has an ambitious plan to develop  massive 60″ flexible and transparent models for sale by the year 2017. Source: Oled-info  Read More
  BlackBerry is set to launch a new phone into the market this September called “Passport”. BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen announced this at BlackBerry’s Q1 earnings call. As the name goes, the phone is just about the same size as a passport. The phone is expected to have the normal QWERTY keyboard like other Blackberry phones, but little is known about the specs of the  phone. Blackberry phone sales and market shares have dropped drastically from last year as they have lost out to other top smartphone manufacturers like AppleRead More
After failing to buy Snapchat a few years ago, Facebook went ahead to acquire Instagram. It seems they weren’t satisfied with the picture social service to compete with Snapchat.  Facebook has launched yet another app from their Creative Labs called Slingshot. Slingshot is a social app the lets you share pictures and videos with friends by swiping it in the app and then the picture or video disappears for good. However, what you send to a friend cannot be viewed unless you send or sling something back. Slingshot is available for download inRead More
Parallel Access used to be just an app that allowed users access their PC or Mac from an iPad, but all that has changed as the creators have taken the service up a notch and made it available for Android and iPhone users. Parallel Access helps you control apps or programs stored on your desktop  from your mobile device seamlessly. The new version for Android and iOS comes with a new feature that lets you create a shortcut to access the apps on your remote desktop from your mobile home screen forRead More
  Rockstar Games has finally announced that the highest selling game in its series, Grand Theft Auto V will be available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 this fall. The game is said to have an improved graphical display on the new generation consoles and PCs such as a higher resolution, improved graphical texture details and lots more  as they make use of the updated hardware of the consoles. The game will include all contents that has been added to the game since its release last year. Another nice addition isRead More
Instagram’s recent update comes with  new editing features that should make uploading photos even more exciting. This recent version allows users to adjust picture brightness, contrast, saturation and more by selecting filter and then clicking on the new wrench shaped icon which allows you to start editing. You can head to the App store or Google Play store to get the update. feel free to drop your thoughts on the update in the comment section. Source: InstagramRead More

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Quick Preview of iOS 8 Features

At the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) event yesterday, Apple unveiled its new mobile OS,  iOS 8. The OS comes with a host of new features and additional improvement to the former. Here’s a quick look at some of the iOS 8 features   iCloud Drive The iCloud Drive app allows users to synchronize app files across all their devices. its kind of like the DropBox.   QuickType Keyboard The new keyboard helps users to accurately predict what their next word might be.  iOS 8 also gives room for the useRead More