TaxiPark Co-founders Launch


TaxiPark co-founders Rodney Jackson-Cole and Ugochi Ugbomeh have launched a new Taxi booking and place discovery service – Tranzit.

Tranzit retains the original business model of TaxiPark – booking and paying for Taxis, but encourages users to discover new places and things to do around them.

The service will be live for Nigerians on the 1st of August while currently running TaxiPark will be shut down.

We haven’t been given a reason for the closure of TaxiPark but industry sources say the co-founders had a conflict of interest as well as an unbalanced share structure. Rodney cites legal lessons he has learnt in an interview with cp-africa.

Here’s a video explaining the concept of Tranzit.

We’re also not sure what the third co-founder Timi Omai is up to and we’ve reached him for comments.

Tranzit is going to face stiff competition from Rocket’s EasyTaxi. Irokotv Founder Jason Njoku says in a blog post that Rocket and Spark offered to acquire TaxiPark earlier this year. Rodney confirms this in his cp-africa interview where he also says that Tranzit has gone through a first round of funding and will be raising more money soon.

What do you think about Tranzit and EasyTaxi? If you’ve used TaxiPark in the past, tell us how the service was. We hear it was great.


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  • Dayo

    I was a avid customer of TaxiPark when they were still in business; coming from the western society I had become used to the convenience of ordering everything online… So, when I discovered TaxiPark I was very happy; it made getting a taxi (in my neighborhood) just a little bit easier here in Nigeria.

    But, sadly…TaxiPark started off great and within a few weeks became mediocre and disappointing as far as reliability and customer service was concerned.
    If the same people that founded TaxiPark are also the founders of this new venture Tranzit; then from my opinion it will not be any better… It seems more like the company changed their name to run away from the old problems rather than improve.

    Attached below this paragraph is a letter I posted on TaxiPark’s facebook wall back in July of 2013; they were encouraging customers to vote for them as a top startup company in Lagos. However, it would have been impossible for any customer to honestly vote for them and be sincere about their ballot. TaxiPark had become very disappointing in every sense… The best thing for them to have done was shut down.

    ” I have been using Taxi Park for quite some time since your
    launch and in the span of a few months the initial reliable service you had,
    has dwindled drastically… I placed a taxi request at 5:00PM online with your
    company of Friday evening… I had an important meeting to attend at 7:15PM on
    the Island in Victoria Island and I was leaving from Anthony Village on the
    Mainland. I got the usual email and text confirmation stating that I will get a
    call from an operator with the status of my taxi request. But I did not receive
    a call from your operator Rita or any other operator; nor did any taxi car ever
    show up at my location to pick me up. At the last minute when I realized no cab
    will be attending to me from your business; I had to start scrambling to find another
    taxi from other sources. Needless to say I was very late for my appointment and
    as a result lost a business opportunity of my own. This is the second time this has happened tome and it has happened again today making it the third time… Not to mention I have other complaints among the major ones I have stated.
    When your service first started, I was ecstatic and was very
    optimistic about it… I actually believed that it would run in a responsible
    manner with good integrity towards the service it offers and the customers that
    patronize you. But, unfortunately it has already falling through the cracks and
    it hasn’t reached its sophomore year in business. Surprisingly, it has been the
    taxi drivers’ friendly manner and personality that has kept me patronizing your
    business; if not for the drivers, I would have forgone the use of TaxiPark a
    long time ago.
    Unfortunately, I do not believe that you should be voted as
    a top startup company in Lagos when your service has become undependable.
    Please return the company to a commendable status, so your initial customers
    can consider you a laudable business again.”

    As you can see from the letter, TaxiPark wasn’t something to rave about..It is truly hard for me to believe Tranzit will run any differently. If the founders lack the ability and knowledge of training staff to run their business efficiently in the past… Then they are bound to hit that brick wall again… Staff monitoring and training is an ongoing process to keep a business upright and at it’s peak; not a one time thing.

    Despite all that I’ve said… I do wish them the best of luck and I surely hope they have made the appropriate changes needed to keep the business enterprising.