Exam Time Gaming – What To Do

Dear gamers, do not be misled by the image above; I am in no way suggesting you should screw your exams over and carry on with your usual gaming habits. However if you do feel you prioritised  wrongly and may not have performed as well as you could, then let the image console you because it isn’t the end of the world.

I woke up this Saturday morning with a strong urge to feed my “gamenesstivity” (does that work?) but unfortunately I’m in the middle of my final exams so a proper intense gaming session won’t be ideal. I decided I’d let you readers in on some ways I curb my gaming addiction but still minimise the withdrawal symptoms during exam time.

DO NOT buy a new game

This, in my opinion, is the number one way in which video games can destroy any prospects of examination success. Unless your parents have seized your gaming console, don’t take the risk of buying a new game that you’ve been looking forward to because it’s just going to be calling out to you, possibly even in your dreams, and you WILL play it. Before you know it, the game would be finished, and so will your chances of passing your exams. So don’t do it!

Keep it simple

Play a game that doesn’t require too much brain work; go and rediscover your Nintendo Gameboy and play Super Mario, you know you haven’t saved Princess Peach in a while. If not, play a game you’ve already cleared. There might be that level you enjoy playing, and finishing it gives you some satisfaction. Don’t play a game that will frustrate you, unless you’re THAT good, I don’t recommend FIFA or Pro Evolution soccer.

Violence is sometimes the answer

There are times when we want to act in a violent manner but real life frowns upon such behaviour. This feeling surfaces frequently during exam time. Solution: virtual violence. Play Grand Theft Auto and jack a few rides, mug a few unsuspecting bystanders etc. Repeat until satisfied but keep an eye on the time. You can also play a fighting game or a first person shooter but again, make sure it’s not one that will make you lose track of time.

And lastly, Look ahead. Exam times are stressful times, especially since one of your best means of escape becomes your worst enemy. But after exams, you have all the time in the world to immerse yourself in the world of video gaming, so be patient. That concludes my suggestions for exam time gaming. A lot of dedicated gamers have already finished their exams so I apologise for my lateness, and to those still doing theirs I wish you all the best.

Do you have any advice for exam time gaming? Do you really think “gamenesstivity” works? Please leave any comments below.

Demolu Dabiri

Demolu Dabiri is a freshman doing the Liberal Studies Program at New York University. His curiosity is piqued by anything even slightly technological but gaming is his forté. If you want to contact me about anything game/technology related or just say hi: Tweet me @aydabiri or find me on Facebook.

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