Editors’ Picks: 10 Back To School Windows Phone 7 Apps

We’re continuing our Back To School Apps posts with apps for Windows Phone 7 users. There are 10 of them so buckle up for a wild ride!

Amazon Kindle Rating: 4/5


Amazon’s Kindle app for Windows Phone allows you read Kindle books on your device. You’ll have access to over 750,000 books in the Kindle Store. Amazon’s Whispersync automatically syncs last page read, bookmarks, notes and highlights across devices.

OverDrive Media Console Rating: 4/5

OverDrive allows you download eBooks and audiobooks directly to your windows phone. OverDrive gives you access to over 15,000 libraries worldwide and allows you borrow books from these libraries. Each eBook and MP3 audiobook has a lending period. The title will expire at the end of the lending period. There’s a countdown clock in the app that shows you how long you have left before the eBook or audiobook expires

Todoist Lite Rating: 3/5

Todoist allows you create, manage and filter tasks. The app also synchronizes your tasks to the cloud so you don’t ever lose track of what you’re meant to do. Todoist’s UI is inspired by Microsoft’s Metro UI.

Flashcards Rating: 3.5/5

Seriously, forget those bulky pieces of paper. Flashcards allows you study from six built-in-decks – Cell Biology, French Vocabulary, Spanish Vocabulary and Sports Triva or You can create your own custom decks. The app lets you study in “Review Mode” while you flag cards that are giving your problems. You can then test yourself in “Quiz Mode”. Incorrect answers are automatically flagged so you know what to improve upon.

Evernote 3/5

Evernote lets you remember everything from snapshots to recordings and notes. Store your notes in Evernote and synchronize them in the cloud. The app also allows you view your notes on your PC and other devices.

gMaps Rating 4/5

gMaps is a free Google Maps app for Windows Phone 7. The new update now has Zoom buttons, GPS Tracking, Routes Search and Driving Mode. You can also find local and business search with its auto-complete function.

Runkeeper Rating: 3.5/5

Runkeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activity. The app makes it easy to track distance, speed, time and calories. It also tracks the path you’ve traveled on a map. Runkeeper also syncs data to their website so you can view all your activities and totals of your stats. It has twitter and facebook integration that let’s you share your achievements with friends

Slick Deals Rating: 3.5/5

Save yourself some money. Slick Deals helps you find hot deals, coupons, freebies and rebates near you. It also has a live tile alert so a notification pops up on your screen when there’s something for you. The app allows you share deals with friends via sms and email

My Expenses Rating: 4/5

My Expenses has all the features of expense management. It allows users create expenses/transactions with name, amount, date and category. It also lets you create multiple accounts so you can add/view multiple income, create recurring income/expenses. You can export your data as csv/excel to dropbox and also backup and restore.

Word Of The Day Rating: 5/5

Learn a new word each day with this app. Word of The Day brings you a new english word each day along with all its definitions and proper pronunciation. You can also go back in time and view yesterday’s word of the day or go forward and view tomorrow’s word of the day.

Do you know any other apps for Windows Phone 7 users? Leave them in the comments section.


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