Track #Londonriots With a Special Edition of Google Maps[UPDATED]

Screenshot of the Special Edition Google Maps. The Campfire symbol represents riot hotspots

It’s a very sad day in England, angry people have taken advantage of Saturday’s protest and turned it into a looting and destroying fiesta. Google Maps is letting users track where the riots are taking place using verified reports. Please if you’re reading this and you’re anywhere in the UK, stay indoors and stay safe. It’s not the time to be a superhero and act like James Bond. These people are very dangerous and they don’t care for you. If you have more information to share please tweet @jamescridland

View the map here.

UPDATE: The map hasn’t been updated in a few hours. There’s another map by the guardian showing reports from around the UK as a whole. Click the dots to get reports on the different regions.

Stay Safe :)

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    Be safe and spend your time indoors reading this…

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