Ayo: A New Android Game from Taytronik

Im not sure how many of us played this game, but I certainly did as a kid, and I quite enjoyed it. Ayo is a 2-player abstract strategy board game which goes by a lot of different names and is played widely across a lot of Africa and the Caribbean. The rules of the game are fairly complicated though a bit of practice makes the game pretty easy to learn.

A tech company named Taytronik has recently developed a software version of this game for android devices which they say is the best software implementation of the game to date. This new app allows for single and multiplayer game modes and comes in 3 difficulty levels. It is currently on the sale on the android market for $0.99 along with a free lite version and (we hope) it should be coming to the iOS app store in due time. Ayo is a fun game for those who know how and the app looks to be of a pretty high quality all around (from graphics to user interface). For more details about the game and how it is played, click here.

Ayo Game (Taytronik) from Taytronik on Vimeo.

So are you interested in this new game? Are you (like me) hoping for an iOS or PC version? Drop a comment and let us know.


Dunni Abiodun

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