What is Microsoft Going to do with Skype?

So we all must have heard that Skype has been bought over by the Tech Giant, Microsoft. If you didn’t hear about it, Microsoft acquired Skype for 8.5 billion USD on May 10th, 2011 Facebook was also in the race to acquire Skype but Microsoft beat them to it. This acquisition is quite a shocking one and one would like to explore further into the reasons why Microsoft might have bought over the video chatting company, Skype. One of the ways that Microsoft may integrate Skype into their market is by installing Skype as a standard on all their new Xbox 360 systems that will be coming out later this year and the newly developed Kinect for Xbox 360 systems could serve as a webcam for video chatting. All PC’s may now come standard with Skype as well (the same way every PC comes standard with Internet Explorer and it cannot be uninstalled). This would make the software probably a little bit more popular and used than it already is. Last but not least, Microsoft will most likely bump up the facilities that Skype uses to give it a better user experience and make it as glitch free as possible. But what do you think? What else do you think Microsoft can do with Skype? Tell us your thoughts below!

Paul Ogunlowo

Paul Ogunlowo is a technology enthusiast. He loves testing, playing with and owning any and every gadget on the market. He is a Junior student studying Information Technology at Hofstra University in New York. In his spare time he develops websites.

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