TaxiPark App Update Adds Google Maps and Lets You Find Cabs in Abuja

If you dont already know, TaxiPark is an app that saves you the stress of getting stranded when you dont remember a private cab companys number in Lagos via Metro Taxi. You can now do the same in Abuja via Aviant Transport Services.

When TaxiPark launched a few months ago, they didnt have approval for their BlackBerry app and you could choose cabs by the cab driver closest to you. Now they have a BlackBerry app available, which is better since a lot of people use BlackBerrys in Nigeria.

As for the ability to choose cab drivers close to you, Thats what the taxi companies wanted, said Interactive Shack Founder, Rodney Jackson-Cole. This made the app a bit dull, but we added a really cool new feature.

Theyve completely redesigned the app and added Get Directions which will, as the name implies, get you directions to wherever it is youre going. It uses the Google Maps API so will work anywhere. You can check out screenshots below. What do you think of the update? You can get the app here.

Faridah Demola-Seriki

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